psychoanalytic consultation

A psychoanalytic consultation provides an individual with the opportunity to take stock of his or her life and to consider treatment options in a confidential and contained setting. There are usually at least two meetings, each lasting an hour and a half.

psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy

In analysis, a patient attends a fifty-minute session four or five times a week. This intensive treatment lasts for several years.  Over time, a therapeutic relationship develops between patient and analyst. This enables the analysand to think about his or her internal and external worlds, considering both the past and the present. This work can help reduce anxiety and lessen negative patterns of behaviour, with the aim of facilitating a more fulfilling life.

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a patient attends less frequently, from one to three times a week. Typically, this form of treatment lasts from one to four years.


Clinical supervision for students on a weekly, or fortnightly basis.

lectures and seminars

Lectures on the following topics: Freudian theory and its social context; psychoanalytic theory and technique; psychoanalysis and media; the stigma of mental illness; loss, bereavement and mourning in children and adults; the psychosocial impact of suicide.

organisational consultancy

Mary Bradbury is the founder of Analytical Consulting, a mental health consultancy service that provides advice, support and education about workplace stress and mental health.